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1. What are they made from?

PLA (polylactic acid) plastic derived from renewable resources such as field corn, sweet potato and sugar cane. It is bio-degradable, non-toxic, odourless and eco-friendly.

2. How are they made?

Our lithophane (pron. LITHOFANE) process converts your photo to a white, 3 dimensional printed picture using grey tones to capture the image. Light areas receive less material while darker areas receive more material. The result is stunning when viewed with a back light source such as the sun or a lamp.

3. What size are they?

Night Light
The 3D printed image is approximately 100mm X 100mm (4” X 4”) and attaches to supplied automatic, LED night light that comes on at dusk and goes off at dawn. The light is rated for 100,000 hours and uses approximately 14 cents per year in electricity, based on 12 hours per day, at our local rates.

3-D Photo Tea-Light
Size 112mm (4 3/8”) X 40mm (1 5/8”) diameter.
Comes complete with battery operated tea light attached.

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